Our Products

A range of seismic protection technology to meet unique needs

Robinson Seismic has developed specialist technologies to meet the needs of a range of clients around the world including seismic isolators, mechanical dampers, and vibration dampers.

Our established products are listed below, but we can custom-develop new products for your unique requirements.

1. Seismic isolators

lead rubber bearing

Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB)

  • Our most successful and most established product developed in the 1970's - used in over 8000 structures world-wide
  • Ideal for seismic isolation with a single device (simple)
  • Supports the structure, and provides required elastic restoring force and damping
  • Vertical load up to 2000 tonnes
  • Displacements up to 700mm
high damping rubber bearing

High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDRB)

  • Alternative to the lead rubber bearing
  • Ideal for seismic isolation with one device
  • Supports the structure and provides required elastic restoring force and damping up to maximum 12% of critical


  • Effective for structures with column weights of 1-100 tonnes
  • Provides high damping performance
  • Easily retrofitted under existing surfaces


  • Ideal for computer floors, emergency generators, equipment racks, and laboratory equipment
  • Designed to support extremely light loads up to 5kN
  • Cost effective protection that is easy to install.

2. Mechanical Dampers

Steel Hysteretic Dampers

  • Ideal for providing the energy absorbers for seismic isolation and other vibrations.
lead extrusion damper

Lead Extrusion Damper

  • This coulomb damper is ideal for providing the energy absorption for seismic isolation and other vibrations.


3. Vibration Dampers


PVD (linear) - for bridges

  • General use for bridge decks and in-wall damper
  • Ideal for absorbing both small and medium-size vibrations during earthquakes, high winds, and heavy traffic.

RVD (planar) - for cables

  • Used for cable-stay bridges
  • Can damp-out vibration caused by wind and rain
  • Prolongs life of cables



Mechanical Pot Bearing

Mechanical Pot Bearing

  • Used to accommodate the combinations of vertical loads, horizontal loads, sliding movements, and rotations
  • Durable and flexible - provides optimum expansion and fixed bearing systems for building bridges and most large load-bearing structures
Multiflex Expansion Joints

Multiflex Expansion Joint

  • Used to allow bridge deck movement caused by temperature change, shrinkage, creep, and traffic load
  • The expansion joint permits movement of the structure by shear deformation of the rubber element
  • Can also be used for steel bridge decks or installed on a steel substructure
Elastomeric Bearings

Elastomeric Bearing

  • Supports bridge structures
  • Accommodates lateral movement and rotation
  • Cost effective, easy to install, and requires no maintenance


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  • Enquire about development of new products for your unique situation